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Irette Y Patterson is a writer of fantasy, science fiction, and romance. She has been published in FIYAH, Strange Horizons, Translunar Travelers Lounge and on the website of The Saturday Evening Post. When not writing, you can find her digging around in her garden or catching the latest musical in the theater.

Steady Ready – Emergency Fund or Emergency Plan

I was going along, checking my LinkedIn profile when I came across advice regarding the age old question – where to keep an emergency fund. An emergency fund in personal finance land is to make sure you have enough money … Continue reading

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Weekly Short Story – Witch Ball

Hearth witch Anne Hart Jackson studied the witch ball from the safety of the office’s threshold. It was about twice the size of one of those big glass Christmas ornaments—plain with purple and gold swirls decorating it. Thin, clear filaments … Continue reading

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Honey Rock Melon Update

The honey rock melon plants have flowers! I made a mistake and chose this variety because I thought it was a cantaloupe. Still, it’s an heirloom variety which means it’s been around a long time and I can save the … Continue reading

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Creative Climb – How Rights Can Work for Emerging Writers

Rights can work for  you, but marketing those rights takes time away from creating new work…unless you have an agent, but that’s another topic. Disclaimer: Not a lawyer. This is not legal advice. You make your own decisions regarding your … Continue reading

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