2023-1-3 – Novel Process Log – Chairs

I’ve decided to use my blog as a process journal since I can count the words on my blog as consumable words for the challenge and not Facebook posts. If there’s one thing that I’ve learned over the years (but seem to have a tendency to forget on a regular basis) is that there are no small things. Ten minutes is important. One hundred words here and one hunderd words there make a difference.

Besides, I’d like a running records for myself of what I’m doing. I might compilie this later or not. Wait. In fact, I think I will compile this. There’s no downside, it will give a project and it will be a kind of record for myself.

In returning to the page on a regular basis, I’ve already noticed that my writing chair is woefully inadequate. The chair has sentimental value. I decided I wanted to learn how to reupholster a chair, so I found some information (I don’t remember whether it was a book or on line it as so long ago) bought some remnats of fabric and painted and reupholstered the chair.

This by the way, was very much representative of my thought process. If it’s in a book, then I can learn it. That’s what books were for, right?

Anyway, although the chair has sentimental value, it was horrible for my back. I woke up this morning hurting. That’s a no go. One thing I’ve learned from my health journey is that when something isn’t working, it doesn’t help to keep doing that thing.

So. Here I am, currently in the chair I use for work when I work at home. No worries about using someone else’s property for my own personal use. I bought the chair myself because I didn’t want to go through the rigamarole for returning copious office equipment for when I move on be it for retirement or another position.

As I’m sitting in this chair, now it’s a reminder that this was a good decision. Now, I’ll go ahead and order a chair off the internet. I’ll let my dad put it togethre. He likes projects.

Another challenge is yesterday, I started getting hungry at the end of my one-and-a-half writing session. So, this morning as part of my waking up routine, I made myself a baby pouch smoothie – I mix one of those fruit baby pouches with a serving of Greek yogurt. It’s been one of my go-to when it comes to a mid-morning snack. We’ll see how it goes.

I may add a quick stretching routine and I’ll have to be aware of getting up from the chair, more.

It’s just all a work in progress.

As for tracking the 2,024 words a day, I’m going to use something I learned from the old Men’s Health Message Board for their 52-Day Challenge. They’ve since moved on to Facebook. What an awesome group of folks. Anyway, I’ll report in numbers from the previous day. I’m reporting on the previous vs. end of the day because I can legit try to get in an extra 100 words before I head to bed:

# of Words I Wrote/# of Words To Be on Track/Ultimate Word Goal

As of 1/2/24


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