2023-1-4 – 2,024 Words/Day Process Log

Office chair ordered. I bought a purple one to distinguish it from my work office chair which is black.

Like the fee for the writing challenge, the funding for the chair came from my writing account. I have a savings account for writing. Each pay period, an amount is automatically transferred into that account for writing expenses. Seeing as I didn’t spend any money on my writing last year, between that and a couple of stories I licensed, it grew to a nice size.

I started this account years ago and highly recommend it. In the past, the only reason I was able to take advantage of certain opportunities was because I had money in an account sitting there. I also have a percentage of “found” money that will go into the account.

When I started doing it, it wasn’t a lot, but it was like a promise to myself, an act of faith that my writing was important to me.

The second day of my fruit smoothie to fuel my writing has gone well. I’ve gotten in my word count for the morning and didn’t feel hungry. I’m currently cruising along at 1,500 words per 1.5 hours. There are a couple of things working in my favor for this speed:

  1. It’s early in the project. Beginnings always go fast for me. I’ll slow down around a third of the way through and pick up at the end.
  2. It’s the beginning of the year. I am so soaking up all the happy-happy vibes.
  3. I am not in training for anything. I plan to participate in the In-Training program for the Peachtree Road Race through the Atlanta Track Club like I did last year. It was fun. I want to take the in-person route this year. That will eat up time – commuting to the training site – actual training – and then getting back to the house. I am not fooling myself into thinking I can write on the commute while I’m driving. The best I can use that time is through listening to audiobooks. The Peachtree Road Race is July 4th. So, training will eat up time during the year’s second quarter.
  4. It’s a slow time at my 9 to 5 which means I don’t have to work extra hours and my focus isn’t divided. The busy season for my profession is the summer, third quarter. My goal is to stack words now while I can.

Current challenge – The 5 pm – 9pm hours. I have a morning routine that’s working. My evening shut down routine at 9pm is also working. What helps with getting to bed at a decent time is that bedtime is tied to my health and writing goals.

The 5pm – 9pm time frame is currently a wasteland of TikTok and YouTube scrolling. Not good. I’ll have to play around with some schedules because schedules are my friend. One thing I’ve already figured out is to carve out time on Wednesdays to watch the newest episodes of the Percy Jackson series.

I got into the Percy Jackson series through my nieces who had the books. It is currently my comfort show because I know how it ends which is not with the emotional damage of Good Omens and Loki.

As for tracking the 2,024 words a day, I’m going to use something I learned from the old Men’s Health Message Board for their 52-Day Challenge. They’ve since moved on to Facebook. What an awesome group of folks. Anyway, I’ll report in numbers from the previous day. I’m reporting on the previous vs. end of the day because I can legit try to get in an extra 100 words before I head to bed:

# of Words I Wrote/# of Words To Be on Track/Ultimate Word Goal

As of 1/3/24


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Irette Y Patterson is a writer of fantasy, science fiction, and romance. She has been published in FIYAH, Strange Horizons, Translunar Travelers Lounge and on the website of The Saturday Evening Post. When not writing, you can find her digging around in her garden or catching the latest musical in the theater.
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