Day 100 Reporting – 2,024 Words/Day Process Log – Total Praise

I’ve never heard a bad rendition of the choral anthem Total Praise in its original form. I’m not talking about when the choir is used as back up. I’m talking full on mass choir, practice in the church basement/fellowship hall on Wednesday nights, taking cues from the choral director because at any time something could change, choral anthem.

One reason for that is that it’s hard. It’s a difficult piece to sing. The choral anthems I’ve sung usually started with everyone singing in unison and then the parts split from there. But no. That’s not how Total Praise starts. Every part starts on a different note, and they stay there.

It was written by Richard Smallwood, and it’s sung as the benediction every Sunday at my parent’s church.

I do not care what church choir sings that song. Black Church in robes with the initials of the church embroidered on the robes, Evangelical church, where they still had the triangle-bib collar robes, Non-Denominational where the choir wore street clothes or agreed on the old stand by color scheme of white shirt and black bottoms. It don’t matter. By the end of that song, someone in the audience is crying. Usually, everyone is standing. Arms have been outstretched to heaven.

And to repeat, I’m not talking about the Black Church where that’s normal. It’s the culture to interact with the music. I’m talking every single time and last night I found myself going through a rabbit hole of videos on YouTube.

There’s something about the music, the message, that all comes together that is absolutely beautiful and powerful.

I wanted to write since I was a kid in elementary school and we read the poem “Nobody” by Emily Dickinson and it made me feel something. They were just words on paper, marks, really but they pulled emotions from me.

As I look back to what my published work has in common, it’s a feeling that I had when I was writing it. I do not know how it transmutes to the page, but it does.

And that’s real magic.

Keep moving forward. Keep getting better.

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As of Day 100, – 4/9/24

# of Words I Wrote/# of Words Written To Be on Track/Year Goal

176,492/202,400 / 740,784

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