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Every Black person in South Carolina knew that Strom Thurmond had a Black daughter and it’s because of segregation.

His daughter attended South Carolina State University, South Carolina’s HBCU. He regularly visited her there. And paid her tuition. And she looked just like him.

My parents attended SCSU as did so many first-generation college Black students because, uh, where else were they going to go? So, you’ve got all these Black students concentrated in one school. They graduate and they go back home. In my case, my dad was a math teacher for a split second in time.

So, it was his daughter was an open secret among the SC Black community. When it “came out” after Thurmond passed, I was surprised it wasn’t common knowledge. I mean, if I knew, didn’t that mean everyone knew?

I’m thinking about this because I don’t know if this kind of aspect is explored in racial allegories in speculative fiction. Like, what happens when you

1. Do not allow a path of escaping oppression – like the one drop rule. It meant that no matter what, you couldn’t escape being Black and everything surrounding that without passing so the other option was to fight. The one drop rule meant there was less of a divide and conquer. Other places? There were levels and terms. In the U.S.? Not so much.
2. Segregation concentrated Black students in a few universities so they knew each other or could find each other.

Visiting the 16th Street Church in Birmingham, Alabama, was sad because there was nothing around the area. What had once been a vibrant Black Community was just a street of empty lots of weeds. And it was intentional. Going there, Twin and I had to store our purses in a locker outside the Civil Rights Institute. We could only carry our wallets and cell phones in.

Twin didn’t clock it, but I immediately thought – these folks are still getting threats.

Keep moving forward. Keep getting better.

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As of Day 106, – 4/15/24

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