Day 142 – 2,024 Words/Day Process Log – Small Risks

I’m planning a theater weekend in Atlanta. I know that sounds strange to read considering that I live in Metro Atlanta. The thing is, though, is that Atlanta is huge. Back when I owned my house, getting to my sister’s took an hour and a half drive and we both live in Metro Atlanta. I joke that it takes an hour to get anywhere, but it’s kind of true. Add in that I don’t like to drive and am not comfortable driving at night and I have limited my theater choices.

So, I thought of spending a night in Atlanta, in a centrally located hotel and then see 3 shows – a Saturday matiness, Saturday night and then a Sunday matinee and driving home on Sunday.

Sounds like a great plan, right? But I still hesitated. I had the money. I set up a theater/fun/travel account that I regularly fund with each pay period years ago. I even have hotel points to offset the cost. As for the costs of the tickets, one theater ticket I’d already paid for last month and the other two were reasonably priced.  None of the venues were new. This was my town. It’s not like I had to navigate a new place.

But it was different. What helps was to actually sit down and count the costs. I’m someone who never feels bad about paying for a theater ticket because I believe in supporting the arts and supporitng the arts means money. I remember volunteer ushering because I couldn’t afford to pay for a ticket. Just a couple of years ago, I knew several different ways of getting discounted tickets in Washington, DC.

The cost wasn’t the issue. The issue was that this was differnet. The risk, was negligible. I was in my metro area. These theaters were ones I frequented. Heck, one was where I served as a former volunteer usher.

Still, it was different. It was new. What finally pushed me over was that I wanted to be able to give a decent itinerary to folks who wanted to come to Atlanta for theater. And I gave myself an out. This was just the first experience of having a 3-day show weekend. I’ll be able to take what I learned and refine it.

I’ve taken big risks and they’ve paid off because they had to. What I’m looking for now is how to take calculated risks – risks that I can afford to lose or a risk where something will go sideways.

Yes. It’s scary. It might not be scary to someone else, but it’s scary to me. New things are. But it’ll never be scarier than the first time. So, it’s best to get the first time over with.

Keep moving forward. Keep getting better.

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