Day 143 – 2,024 Words/Day Process Log – Brainwash

When I was getting out of credit card debt, I surrounded myself with Dave Ramsey personal finance materials. I kept a copy of Dave Ramsey’s book The Total Money Makeover on my sofa so that every time I sat down, I picked it up and flipped through a couple of pages. I listened to his radio show on my commute home from work. I attended his class – Financial Peace University – twice. I even wore the jelly orange wristband to remind me of my goals.

Dave was basically all that I had when it came to learning about finances.

My family didn’t talk much about money except not to get into debt which is what I’d gone ahead and done. So, what I knew from investing and planning for the future financially came from Dave Ramsey and the local Atlanta personal finance guru Clark Howard.

I knew that as a single woman, I didn’t have room for error. No one was coming to save me, and I would get no sympathy if I failed. That mindset was instilled when I saw a financial planner in my early 20s and he kept asking me if I planned to get married and basically laughed me out his office when he looked at my financials.

Note: I was a 22-year-old single woman who had the foresight to see a financial planner offered by my employer. Dude could have at least told me to sign up for a ROTH IRA and invest in an index funds. But no. He had jokes. So, I found out about ROTH IRAs from a radio show during my commute home in Atlanta traffic.

There are a lot more options and voices now thanks to social media and the internet. But back then? I was grateful that I got started on the path of at least having a framework.

Now, as I look at the writing classes that I have permanent access to, it’s something that I plan to incorporate into my every day life. What can I do to expose myself to the books I want to write and a winning mindset? How can I brainwash myself?

Keep moving forward. Keep getting better.

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