Day 15 Reporting – 2,024 Words/Day Process Log – Patterns and Minding My Business

Okay, with two weekends under my belt, I’m starting to see some patterns. One pattern that is obvious is that I’m not one of those people who can make up a word count on the weekends. I write less on the weekends than during the week.

So, I can no longer reasonably expect to write 2,024 words each day of the weekend. I think a more reasonable strategy is to assume I’ll write 1,000 words each on Saturday and Sunday and then space out the rest of the word count throughout the week. That means writing 14,168 a week. Subtracting out 2,000 words over the weekend brings me to 12,168 over 5 days or 2,433 words/day.

I suspect the problem with the weekends is a lack of structure. During the weekdays I have to log in for work at a certain time. Work provides structure. Also, people are less likely to drop by the house and I do not go out during the week. My focus on weekdays is on work. Weekends are for preparing for the work week and going out.

Testing this hypothesis means my word goal each weekday will be 2,433 words a day. I gotta say. That sounds a lot more than 2,024 when really it could be something as simple as writing marketing materials or writing a short story.

After last night’s experience with submitting a short story too close to the deadline for my liking, finishing short stories consistently is going to be a goal for this year.

The truth is that I had two short stories already written that fit the guidelines for the anthology. I didn’t submit them because I already had a good feeling about them. For one, I received positive feedback when I read it at a science fiction convention. I had signed up to conduct a reading and I figured that I could test out some material. Live reactions do not lie.

The other story was fluffy and happy. It made sense to submit that one. However, if I have a choice between the tested story and the untested story, I’m gonna send the untested story every time. It’s because I’ll be able to get feedback on it. I’ve mentioned before, the winter stories that are not accepted are going into the winter short story anthology I’m publishing at the end of the year.

Am I confident in the short story I submitted? No. I have to remind myself, however, that I need to mind my own storytelling business. Accepting and rejecting stories is an editor’s business. Book reviews are a reader’s business. My business is to tell my stories and focus on continual improvement. I need to stay in my lane.

The novel is slowing down which means it’ll probably wind up at about 60,000 words – a respectable length. But that means the novel is slowing down. This is the time I typically abandon a project or convince myself it’s horrible and worthless. Those two options are not available. I’m finishing the novel and I’m publishing it because I want to prove to myself that I can do it.

Keep moving forward.


As of Day 15, 1/15/24

# of Words I Wrote/# of Words Written To Be on Track/Weekly Goal

30,777/ 30,360/ 105,248

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