Day 150 – 2,024 Words/Day Process Log – Future Me

This is theater subscription time. My inbox and my mailbox are filled with offers and they’re good ones. The best deals go to subscribers along with perks like being able to change the date and time of tickets if something comes up. I’m more aware of perks like that because I got caught up with seasonal allergies and missed a show. I wasn’t a subscriber, so I didn’t call to see if I could reschedule. Thinking of it now, I should have called and asked. There was no harm in asking. It would have been worth it even if I did have to pay a fee.

Anyway, there are certain things that I’m aware of probably because I’m a gardener. And one is that I have a limited number of seasons in my life. Well. We all do, but I’m more aware of it as I get older and as I take gardening seriously. I only have a certain number of gardening seasons, a certain number of seasons to hear the symphony, a certain number of times to see exhibits.

Live theater is ephemeral – it’s a new creation each night because it’s a collaborative art and the artists – the cast, the crew, even the event staff create with the audience. It’s not something that can be replicated. Anyone who’s been to a live concert knows the difference between seeing a recording of it and feeling the energy at the event.

I make plans for the Future Me. I set Future Me up for success. These can be basic things like setting up my doctor’s appointments or setting up automatic transfer of funds into my various accounts for specific purposes like my travel account and my writing account.

It can even be as simple as making sure I have my favorite healthy snacks in the house so I can reach for them when I’m feeling munchy. It can be keeping files on places I want to visit and trips I want to take so that when I’m ready, I can just make it happen. It’s also keeping notes after I’ve taken those trips.

It’s creating a web of success that pulls me to the goals I want to achieve and becoming the person I want to create.

I’ll even give thanks sometimes to Past Irette when I’ve made a particularly good choice.

I can sit and hypothesize and make plans, but the only way I know if something will work for certain is to try it, is to do. I’m looking at subscribing to the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra. I played viola in elementary and high school so I’m not unfamiliar with classical music. There’s that hitch, though, when I thought of buying my first subscription. I don’t know the crowd. I don’t have anything to wear. What if I don’t like it?

But what if I do? And if I don’t like it and it’s not my scene, isn’t it best to know that? What if I decide that I don’t like the ASO, but I might like another orchestra in Georgia or even somewhere else?

Everything, whether it turns out that I have a good time or not, is feeding me information that the Future Me can use to make better decisions. It’s only wasted time, energy, and resources if I don’t learn from the experience.

Note: See how resistance pops up? I used as an excuse not to subscribe to the ASO and take advantage of their 50% off deal they currently have that, I don’t have anything to wear. Which is ridiculous. It’s the symphony. Dress in all black with a cute purse and keep it moving…

Keep moving forward. Keep getting better.

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Day 150

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