Day 175– 2,024 Words/Day Process Log – Things Change

Things change. That’s obvious. One thing, though, is that I keep expecting things that worked in the past to work now even when my environment has changed, even though I know better. After all, I never quite found my footing when I lived in DC. When I was in Philadelphia, I wrote a lot, finished little, and submitting close to nothing.

Anytime there’s a change in my environment – I move to a differnet place, I change jobs, I live with different people – there’s a change in my schedule and how I handle the stress of the situation.

Lately, I’ve taken to snacking on junk food while watching television. Too much is going on in my life right now to expend the mental energy to stop snacking, So, instead I’m going to fill the house with healthy snacks that I enjoy – popcorn, Greek yogurt smoothies made from frozen fruit, carrots with hummus, and cucumber salad.

I can worry about decreasing the snacking, later. Right now, my goal is to minimize the damage.

I’ve also started listening to Barbra Streisand’s memoir while walking. I used to walk without listening to anything when I was training for the Peachtree Road Race, which I will not be walking this year. I needed that because I wouldn’t being wearing headphones on the course and I need to train the way that I race.

Without that goal, though, motivation to get out the house and walk waned, so I had to go back to what worked when I first started exercising for my health – pairing a postcast or audiobook with walking. Some folks can listen to an audiobook while doing something like else like washing the dishes or cleaning. I get distracted, though. Listening to an audiobook or podcast gives me something to look forward to, an extra incentive to get out onto the trail.

An extra benefit of listening to the memoir is I’m reminded of how artists think. Streisand’s book is broken up into projects and it’s also how she thinks. She gets obsessed with a project and then devotes everything to brining it to life even if, like the movie Yentle, it takes decades to come to fruition. I love that. That memoir is probably the closest glimpse, I’ll get into the inner workers of the mind of a lifelong, successful artist.

Keep moving forward. Keep getting better.

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