Day 28 Reporting – 2,024 Words/Day Process Log – Montage

Making small bets isn’t good for cinema or memoirs, but it’s the way that works best for my life. I woke up realizing again that I’m the only person I can control. I can’t control how my work will be received or even how I will be received. I can work on craft, though. The reception? That’s up to someone else.

And knowing that the only thing I can control is me is freeing. I stay in my lane. My lane is writing and craft and improvement. It’s the montage. I have a mentor who talks about how life is the montage in a movie – the trying and the failing, the doors shut in your face. And yet, it’s maybe 5 minutes out of a 120-minute movie. In real life, those actions can take years.

I’m getting ready to go to an afternoon tea for the first time in my life. And I’m going alone because no one I invited took me up on the offer for various reasons ranging from previous commitments to cost.

Side Note: By the way, after I experienced this, I joined a local tea meetup group on Facebook and have already expressed interest in attending their next tea time. Go, me!

As part of my research for attending, I tried to look up how people dressed for previous teas at the establishment. I don’t like to stand out. I like to be right in the middle. Because I couldn’t find any pictures online for previous tea times, I’ll go with my old standby – business casual and carry a Coach purse. It’s a comfortable, middle-of-the-road outfit. If this were the summer, I’d just wear a sundress + cardigan and sandals. That’s typically appropriate for any kind of afternoon warm-weather event.

What I’m saying here even though I’m taking a long time to say it (it’s early when I write these y’all, to get my fingers moving) is that I’ve established a baseline of dress.

Side Note: Please do not argue with me about being costumed appropriately for the venue. If you’ve been treated well dressed in jeans and a frayed collar t-shirt, then that works for you. I have not. I’m going to do as much as possible to get the result I want to. I refuse to keep doing things that don’t work for me because they work for someone else or clutching to how the world “should be” versus how it is. Yes, I should be able to attend a play and treated well by theatre staff no matter what I look like simply because I have a ticket to said play. That didn’t happen.. Besides, the clothes are already in my closet. It’s not like they’re not “me.” Now. The trouble does come when I have to dress one way to not be noticeable on public transportation and yet be appropriate for the venue. Parking and traffic in Metro Atlanta is a hassle. Ride share from the suburbs is expensive. It’s walking a fine line. Sometimes MARTA is the best choice, but MARTA ain’t Metro in DC and MTA in NYC, okay? The only time you see people dressed up on MARTA is because they’re going to a concert.

I’ve established a baseline. Atlanta dress standards are different from DC dress standards. I’m sure NYC dress standards are also different, but when I’m in New York City, I’m either having a meal with friends or taking in a Broadway show. In neither case has it mattered what I looked like.

I’ll go to the afternoon tea and then I’ll adjust as necessary. I’ll take notes so I won’t have to remember for the next time. I’ll keep taking notes, adjusting until I come up with a sort of uniform for this particular venue and event type.

Right now, I don’t have have a target.

So. Montage. Yep. The montage. Keep making small changes based on feedback. Which is why I need feedback and one of the worst things I ever thought was that one thing could make or break me. Again, it’s great for a cinematic moment in a movie – moving to New York with a couple of bucks, a carry on, and a dream. The philosophy of burning your boats so that you have to make it.

Uh, that stresses me out and would mess with my health. So, if you’re on the small changes kick? If you love continuous improvement? Come sit by me for a spell and let’s talk.

Keep moving forward.

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As of Day 28, – 1/28/24

# of Words I Wrote/# of Words Written To Be on Track/Month Goal

51,739/ 56,672/ 62,744

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