Day 45 Reporting – 2,024 Words/Day Process Log –Why

One time someone asked me if I liked my job. It was one of those questions people asked to make conversation. It was small talk, something I never learned, I’m not good at it, and just made avoided having to learn for the majority of my life. I started off hoping to become a research scientist for that reason. I figured I’d only have to talk to agarose gels and that suited me just fine, thank you very much.

I didn’t answer her question directly. I told her I was good at my job. She seemed taken aback by my answer. I’ve been in the same field for over 20 years. I hope I’m good at my job. If I’m not, something has gone terribly wrong. But it wasn’t the answer she was looking for. I’ve thought a lot about her reaction since that day and especially because I’ve come to the point where I’m wondering if these blog posts are a waste of time. Is anyone reading them? Will anyone read them? Or are all these words written and thrown into the ether, meaning nothing?

This is the time when it’s good to go back to the why. The why behind this blog is that I made a promise to myself to blog this year and I want to keep that promise. I want the confidence I have in my regular job to be the same confidence I have with my writing. To do that, I need systems and to depend on something other than feelings.

Keep moving forward. Keep getting better.

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As of Day 45, – 2/14/24

# of Words I Wrote/# of Words Written To Be on Track/Year Goal

87,519/ 91,080/ 740,784

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Irette Y Patterson is a writer of fantasy, science fiction, and romance. She has been published in FIYAH, Strange Horizons, Translunar Travelers Lounge and on the website of The Saturday Evening Post. When not writing, you can find her digging around in her garden or catching the latest musical in the theater.
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