Day 51 Reporting – 2,024 Words/Day Process Log –Experiment

I’m taking the upcoming week off work as an experiment. I always said the goal was to retire to writing. I never investigated what that meant. All right. That’s not true. In my 20s, I quit my job to live in a small town to write. I believed all that – leap and the net will appear – and, well, it didn’t.

I lasted a couple of months before I hightailed it back to Atlanta living in the same apartment complex at the same job for less pay. I’d read one too many small- town romances, so I thought I’d like small town living. Well. I did not.

I discovered that the city suits me better. A block is just a small town anyway. When I lived in Philadelphia, everything I needed was within a 4 -block radius of where I lived – the bodega, the hole in the wall fruit-and-veg spot I picked up apples from on my walk home from work, the cheese monger where I bought the most fantastic, fatty cheese that I don’t even remember it’s name because I just picked it out from a display of cheeses behind a glass case, the Chinese spot across the street that was great for people watching on Saturdays nights with the ladies striding along the streets on high heels while their escorts wore jeans, and coffee. Wonderful coffee that costs the same as Starbucks but where I discovered that a cappuccino is naturally sweet.

I only discovered these things by taking chances. I can research and hypothesize all I want, but I won’t know if something will work for me until I actually do it. By the way, I had Margo Thomas, That Girl, city girl dreams before the small town romance dreams, so I guess dreams do come true and I can have different ones.

Anyway, that’s what I’m doing with this week. I say “retire to write” but what does that mean? What does my schedule look like? When is my energy highest? When does it dip?

I can already tell that I’ll probably retire to a city. Philadelphia and DC had me spoiled. I like the world being outside rather than a 45-minute drive of soul-crushing traffic. I like the option of public transportation even if I don’t take it. I like living life up close – that’s one thing that’s the same with small towns and cities – life is right there outside. The suburbs are sanitized. The closest place I could walk here is the taco spot/grocery store a mile away. Where I’ve lived before, the corner store was literally on the corner, and I could grab a slice of pizza next door.

 While I already foresee the where of my retirement will change from my current location I some format, the what is that which I’m working out. And since the only way to find out if something really works is to do, I’ve got my proposed schedule and will be making tweaks as I go along.

Keep moving forward. Keep getting better.

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As of Day 51, – 2/20/24

# of Words I Wrote/# of Words Written To Be on Track/Year Goal

99,704 / 103,224 / 740,784

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