Day 55 Reporting – 2,024 Words/Day Process Log –The End – Begin Again

I typed The End on a novel for the first time in a long time. Afterwards, I just stared at the screen. Then I added, the date, the location and, of course, the writing smoothie flavor of the day. It’s not a perfect story, not at all, but I’ve committed to publishing it so now I need to find that path forward.

I need to take some distance from it, though. My next project will be in the same world, but a smaller story. I’m thinking it will probably end up being 10,000 words. That’s my guess. It’s a story that I thought of while I was writing the novel, so I cranked up a blank WORD document at the time and put the thoughts that were running around in there. I just looked it up. It’s 281 words and a good start.

I have the first scene and so, here we go again.

Keep moving forward. Keep getting better.

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As of Day 55, – 2/24/24

# of Words I Wrote/# of Words Written To Be on Track/Year Goal

108, 122/ 111,320 / 740,784

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