Day 59 Reporting – 2,024 Words/Day Process Log –Two Hours A Day

The first day back at work after a vacation is always a rough re-entry, like going from a nice walk outside, wren twittering away and the sweet smell of wisteria to the cold staleness of community center with the faint scent of sweat in the air. Don’t get me wrong. I like the community center. I’m glad it’s there. It has the facilities I use, and the white-haired front desk lady sometimes lets me in 5 minutes before the official opening time. I’d still rather be walking outside, though.

This morning was no different, proven by my reluctance to leave my warm bed when my alarm clock beeped. I turned over to see those green digital numbers staring back and contemplated hitting the snooze button. If I let it go on too much longer, the beeps would get louder forcing the decision.

And so here was the moment of truth, the moment that would set the tone for the day, a simple decision that’s not so simple – do I flow with my routine that ends with a sipping a writing smoothie and a brace strapped to my right wrist or sleep 30 more minutes? Well. Today’s writing smoothie flavor is Pear-Mixed Berry-Beet.

I will talk about systems a lot. Really, it’s about reducing the friction between doing nothing and doing the things that will allow me to reach my goals. Reducing friction also includes the chatter that will keep me from the page.

One thing that negative voice in my head said today was it would just take too long to reach my goal. And this, my friends, is why I keep records. I know how long it will take me to write 2,024 words. It’s 2 hours. Those 2 hours can be at one time, or they can be 2 – 1 hour sessions or they can be split up into 10-minute chunks or I can record part of a story when I’m out on my evening walk. What makes this easier is that I’m working on different projects and different types of projects.

My 100 Questions project lends itself to 10-minute chunks of writing as does the National Novel Writing Month project and the December Writing Snippets.

It’s not impossible. It’s 2 hours.  And look what a consistent (okay, not always consistent) 2 hours got me in 60 days.

Keep moving forward. Keep getting better.

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As of Day 59, – 2/28/24

# of Words I Wrote/# of Words Written To Be on Track/Year Goal

113,183 / 119,416 / 740,784

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