Day 69 Reporting – 2,024 Words/Day Process Log – Doing The Work

I don’t know what my newsletter subscribers will find useful. This past week, I posted one of my essays on the questions I ask myself to make decisions. I’ve been collecting them to create a book at the end of the year. It was wonky, y’all. Embarrassing. Yet. That essay had the highest open rate of any newsletter I’ve put out in the past year. And someone wrote to me to tell me how useful it was.

Since that article seemed to hit a nerve, I’ll go ahead and start posting the rest of the questions to see if I get a similar response. As a reminder, the whole point of the questions was to create a book for myself to keep me in line. Now it seems like it really might help other folks. Who knew? I didn’t. I guess that’s why as Julia Cameron says in The Artist’s Way – our job is to do the work, not judge the work.

Keep moving forward. Keep getting better.

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As of Day 69, – 3/9/24

# of Words I Wrote/# of Words Written To Be on Track/Year Goal

129,576 /139,656 / 740,784

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