Day 72 Reporting – 2,024 Words/Day Process Log – Zero Words

Welp. I didn’t write any words yesterday. If while you’re reading this you think that’s strange because I posted yesterday, it’s because I write these posts in advance. Usually, I’ll get a series of ideas and I’ll go ahead and write them out in separate posts. That way, if I have a day where I don’t write anything, I don’t miss a deadline. And yesterday, the only thing that I got done on the writing front was to make a post.

So. Why. This morning I’m going back to one of my favorite questions – Will this matter in 10 years? I like that question so much I literally have it posted on my work computer. It puts things in perspective. Yesterday was a celebratory day out with a friend – a heavily caloric meal at The Cheesecake Factory complete with nachos and cheesecake and then to go window shopping for handbags.

I gotta say, the problem wasn’t with the meal because 1. It was a celebration and 2. I took half of my entrée back with me. The problem wasn’t with the window shopping. In fact, I’m glad I was able to see some bags I’d been eyeing online in person.

No. The problem was with my mindset. Because I was in a celebratory mindset, it was all about the celebration and not about getting in my word count. Will this 0-word count day matter in 10 years? No. Will this mindset of 0 word-count days being all right, matter in 10 years? Yes.

There were several things I could have done to get in some words. Notice, I’m not saying all the words or even 1,000 words. I’m saying that If I had stuck to my morning writing routine which works, I would have at least written 1,500 words which would have put me farther along.

Because this life has a deadline. I won’t have endless days to write. Blowing off one day of writing means that there are less words that I will write in this lifetime. There’s one less story that I will never finish.

If I could say that I spent my time efficiently yesterday, that every minute was full of enjoyment, then that’s one thing, but it wasn’t. Hamilton isn’t the only one running out of time. We all are. But I have been acting like I’m not.

It’s not about an arbitrary goal of writing a certain number of words a day. It’s about making the best use of the time I have on this Earth.

I mean, looking at it that way, maybe the 0-word count day was useful. I always worked better, had more motivation, if I could see what was happening next with a project. And now I know what’s next.

How many stories can I tell? How good can I get?

Keep moving forward. Keep getting better.

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As of Day 72, – 3/12/24

# of Words I Wrote/# of Words Written To Be on Track/Year Goal

133,104 /145,728 / 740,784

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