Day 74 Reporting – 2,024 Words/Day Process Log – Studying Damsel – Netflix Movie

This will obviously contain spoilers so if you haven’t seen the Netflix film it’s time to leave. Also, these are my notes which make sense to me but may not make sense to someone else. That’s the thing about studying – using someone else’s notes is good in so that you can pick up tips on how someone arranges the information. But what I think is important and what I pick up in a story is something different than what you’ll pick up. The best way I learn is through wrestling with the text.

Wrestling with the text is something I picked up from my high school algebra teacher. She’d let us struggle with difficult math problems because she said that’s the best way to learn. The more wrestling with the problem, the more we thought about the problem, and how we would solve it, the more the process would  stick because we would have to figure it out in our own.

All that being said, here’s your spoiler warning now:

The Prologue

Dragon demands 3 daughters from the king who tries to kill her. This implants a question – 3 is specific and usually in these tales, only 1 woman is used to sacrifice to a dragon. Demanding 3 daughters is even more specific. You know what that is? That’s called a plant.

The Beginning

Improvished lady is offered marriage into a rich kingdom for money. No one is asking questions about why this rich kingdom needs a princess. The princess’ stepmother is suspicious and tells the lady not to go through with the marriage. The dad is also acting sus, but she likes the prince. They bond over wanting to see the world and she goes through with it. Everything is fine until the prince tosses the newly crowned princess into the dragon’s cave.

The Door of No Return – The end of the beginning

The door of no return is when she decides to fight. Here’s where we lead into the bulk of the story. It’s the decision to move forward. All our players have been introduced. The Try-Fail cycles are what the movies are advertised as and are the trailer sequences.

Try-Fail Cycles

  1. She takes a passage out laid out by a previous princess. She reaches the exit only to find that it’s on the edge of a cliff. Note- that’s the cliffhanger
    1. Information – the king killed the last 3 eggs of the dragon – her 3 daughters. That’s why she demands 3 daughters of royal blood from each generation so the kingdom will feel the pain she did.
  2. So she goes back into the dragon’s lair where her dad comes back to save her. He dies, but she escapes. But then the evil kingdom kidnaps her sister. Note – that’s the cliffhanger.
  3. She goes back into the dragon lair to save her sister, and fight the dragon which is what she has been avoiding all along. She fights the dragon and wins but instead shows the dragon how she’s been fooled into killing innocent women who the kingdom doesn’t care about.


The princess and the dragon enforce the scorched earth policy.


Princess and dragon and stepmother and sister sail back home with all the needed supplies.

Keep moving forward. Keep getting better.

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As of Day 74, – 3/14/24

# of Words I Wrote/# of Words Written To Be on Track/Year Goal

138,268 / 149,776 / 740,784

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