Day 8 Reporting – 2,024 Words/Day Process Log – Building

I followed my nose to the yoga class I’d signed up for at the community center. I’d taken classes at the community center before and thought I could find this new class in the same area – an offshoot of two classrooms from the main hallway.  As soon as I turned down the main hallway, however, I smelled lavender. I went straight instead of left and sure enough, I found the class.

This experience was not the first time I tried yoga. The first time I took a class, the instructor kept calling me fluffy because of my weight. The second time, I was told the classes were only for advanced students. Well. Looks like third time’s the charm. I practiced with an encouraging group of diverse women in terms of ages, races, and body types. Besides the lavender scent, the dimmed lights added to the relaxing environment.

The dimmed lights and relaxing atmosphere, by the way, was a trick. I suspect my arms will be sore. What I liked more about the class was the emphasis on getting better, on improving, on being patient with ourselves because yoga is a practice.

Anyway, it’s another lesson learned to keep trying what I’m interested in. Sometimes, it’s not the thing; it’s the people. I just have to find the right people.


Yes. It’s only Day 8 and I’m already changing something up. Y’all. That 740,784 word count goal is huge. A daily goal is too small because we all know how life can take a wrecking ball to daily plans. So, since I took the tracking system from the 52-day challenge, I figure I’ll look at this goal in increments of 52 days. That’s just under 2 months and in 2 months, I can get back on track with the regular bumps of life. So, we’re going for 105,248 – a goal count I can wrap my brain around.

As of Day 8 – 1/8/24

# of Words I Wrote/# of Words Written To Be on Track/52-day Goal

17,201/16,192/ 105,248

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